A Geek for Online Privacy

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  • I had been using GNU/Linux during my middle-school age, and had got involved in open-source communities since 2014.
  • I have been providing online privacy support and anti-surveillance/anti-censorship service for NGOers/activists since 2015.


List of Skills

  • Technical:
    • Linux/UNIX Operating System Administration; server maintaining; Unix Shell/Python Programming
    • Linux/UNIX system security hardening, from Kerberos to kernel hardening
    • Online privacy / anonimity techniques and strategies
    • Favourite Software: Hadoop families ;
    • Favourite Languages: Unix Shell , Python , Liquid
  • Non-tech:
    • Ethnographic research methods
    • Anthropological/sociological study
    • Advanced communication skills (especially with people with psychosocial distress/disabilities)
    • Grouping and organizing techniques with the marginalized communities
    • Social policy advocacy and approaches study
    • Individual, legal action support
    • Workshop/Training design and facilitation
    • Project and organizational management, planning and financing for NGOs
    • Playback Theatre and Forum Theatre player and conductor

A Studio: In Defense of Online Privacy - 在线隐私工作室

  • 信息无障碍
  • 通讯加密
  • 隐匿上网
  • Linux/MacOS桌面系统安全加固

Posted on February 4, 2018